May 24/17
4:47 am

Vancouver Minor Baseball
Presidents Cup






( 25TH MAY to  28TH MAY ) 

S.Burnaby Blazers           N. Shore Whitesox N.Delta Angels
N.Shore RedSox           Richmond Riverbandits Burnaby Barracudas
Coq-Moody Blackjacks           Cloverdale Jays Ladner Cardinals
Newton Pirates           Tsawwassen Sox  Coq. Moody Nomads
  Thur. May 25               
Game 1 6:00pm Burnaby Barracudas vs N. Delta Angels   North
Game 2 6:00pm N. Shore Whitesox vs  Richmond Riverbandits   South
Game 3 6:00pm S.Burnaby Blazers vs N.Shore RedSox   Lower
  Fri. May 26    
Game 4 6:00pm Ladner Cardinals vs Coq - Moody Nomads   North
Game 5 6:00pm Cloverdale Jays vs    Tsawwassen Sox    South
Game 6 6:00pm  Newton Pirates vs Coq-Moody Blackjacks   Lower
  Sat. May 27    
Game 7 9:00am S.Burnaby Blazers vs Coq-Moody Blackjacks   North
Game 8 9:00am N. Delta Angels vs Ladner Cardinals   South
Game 9 9:00am N.Shore Whitesox vs Cloverdale Jays   Lower
Game 10 Noon  Coq-Moody Blackjacks vs N.Shore RedSox   South
Game 11 Noon Burnaby Barracudas vs Ladner Cardinals   Lower
Game 12 Noon Richmond Riverbandits vs Cloverdale Jays   North
Game 13 3:00pm  Newton Pirates vs S.Burnaby Blazers   South
Game 14 3:00pm Coq-Moody Nomads vs N. Delta Angels    Lower
Game 15 3:00pm  Tsawwassen Sox vs N.Shore Whitesox   North
Game 16 6:00pm Burnaby Barracudas vs Coq- Moody Nomads   South
Game 17 6:00pm Richmond Riverbandits vs Tsawwassen Sox    Lower
Game 18 6:00pm N.Shore RedSox vs Newton Pirates   North
  Sun. May 28    
Game 19 9:00am Wild Card vs First Seed   TBD
Game 20 9:00am Third Seed vs Second Seed   TBD
Game 21 9:00am Teams To Be Determined   Lower
  12:00pm SKILLS   North
Game 22 2:30pm Teams To Be Determined   North
Game 23 2:30pm Teams To Be Determined   South
Game 24 2:30pm Teams To Be Determined   Lower
Game 25 5:30pm Loser Game 19 vs Loser Game 20   South
Game 26 6:00pm Winner Game 19 vs Winner Game 20   North


BY A COIN TOSS        
*************HOME RUN  DERBY *************      
Each team shall be represented by 1 hitter      
 The coach or team rep soft tosses to his batter for a total of 10 swings      
The winner will be declared by the batter whom has most fair-ball homers      
If tied, each player within the tie will have 3 more swings      
If still tied, will be 1 pitch each until a winner is declared      
If nothing leaves the park, the farthest hit ball will win      
ROUND THE HORN - Each team represented by 4 players with the fastest time declared the winner
BASERUNNING - Each team represented by 4 players with the fastest time declared the winner  
TRANSITION RELAY - Each Team represented by 5 players with the first team completing declared 
                                  the winner      

VMBA Presidents Cup website for STANDINGS:

Contact Name: Steve McCann Phone No.:  (C) 778-875-2352  Contact Email address:

 Association Website:

VMBA Presidents Cup website:

Phone or Email if you can fill the  Volunteer Needed time & position above: 

Steve McCann Phone No.: (Cell) 778-875-2352

Contact Email address: 

 - We will be using   3   Diamonds at 1 locations this year.

             Nanaimo Park- We will be utilizing 2 Diamonds within this park located at 6300 Nanaimo  Street ,

 ( 46th Ave. and Nanaimo St.)  6300 Nanaimo Street :
                               #1 NORTH- located @ North West  corner ( 46th and Nanaimo )
                               #2 SOUTH - located @ South West  corner  ( Opposite Corpus Christi School ) 

                                # 3 LOWER - located @ South East corner ( Waverly Elementary School  and Clarendon Street ) 


  At Nanaimo Park we have a full concession and as well a bbq set up to serve burgers , smokies etc etc. 

We will also have a daily breakfast being served each morning.

SEE HANDOUTS :Print out ; for expanded rules,pitching logs sheet,roster sheet, skills sheet  and schedules

 SKILLS COMPETITION  The skills competition is set up so as to allow EACH MEMBER of your team to participate.Please ensure that this occurs as it is unfair to the other participants if done otherwise.There are 4 events with a brief explanation of each below.

HOMERUN DERBY- Each team will have 1 participant.The players coach (or allocated person by the coach) will  throw 10 pitches.Any ball that clears the fence in fair territory will be considered a Homerun.If no homeruns are hit the player having the longest Fair ball hit will be declared the winner.If there is a tie among hitters, only the hitters tied will have a hit off using 5 pitches.Again if the Hit-off hitters fail to hit a homerun the longest fair ball will be declared the winner

TRANSITION RELAY- Each team will have 5 participants.The event will be run in 4 heats (by pool) with each heat winner advancing to the final.Each team will line up in a straight line evenly spaced covering the length of the diamond.The player at the East end of the line will throw to player #2 who throws to player #3 etc, when the ball reaches the West end of the line it is to return in the same manner.This is a timed event.

RELAY RACE - Each team will have 4 participants.One at a time each team will stand behind home plate.Each team player will (carrying a ball) do one circuit of the bases and then hand the ball to the next runner (after crossing home plate).Missing a base or handing the ball over early both result in 5 second penalties.Again this is a timed event.

AROUND THE HORN  Each team will have 4 participants.One at a time, each team will have a player occupying the 3 bases and homeplate.The ball begins with the catcher throwing to 3rd ,who then throws it to 2nd, who then throws to 1st, who ends the race with a completed catch at home.Any overthrows must be retrieved and ran back to the base it was intended before a throw can be made to the next base or home.

****remember that each game a coin toss is required to determine who is the Home team.

Further to that, the home team will be required, if needed, to be the official scorer of that game.An official Scorebook must be used and will be supplied.

Registration Contact Name: Steve McCann Phone No.:  (C) 778-875-2352

Contact Email address: 

Association Website: 




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