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Welcome to the Mayde Creek Home Page.

The new site location is: 

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I have sent home with the girls a summer overview packet which includes training information, tips, strength/core workouts and terminology. I have also attached a workout calendar for the month of June for them to follow. There is a Varsity calendar, a modified (for JV runners and newer runners with experience) and a Junior High calendar (for JH kids & new runners with little to no experience).

It is imperative for every runner to follow this workout regimen in order to be successful for the fall cross country season.

We will begin the Mayde Creek Running Club starting Monday, July 9 at 7PM. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

If there are any questions regarding summer workout or the Mayde Creek Running Club, please contact me!


Cross Country season officially begins August 1, but remember training during the summer is what leads to success.

Once school starts we will be meeting in the mornings at 6:00AM. It is strongly encouraged that you register for the Cross Country class period, which will be 1st period. If you are serious about the sport and are on Varsity or want a better chance at being on the Varsity team you will need to be in the class period. By being in the class period you will be able to get the full workout and mileage in that will be desired for your training. We are usually finished with practice by 7:30AM....just in time for 1st period to begin (our shower time).

Those who will not be able to be in 1st period Cross Country will need to be mindful that they will have to get ready fast in order to get to their 1st period class on time. These runners who are not in the class period will practice from 6:00AM-7:00AM. Afternoon practices will be another option, but not encouraged due to the heat and our extra mileage easy runs we might have during that time.


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