Sep 2/15
3:32 am

Tee-Kay SlowPitch League




League Ticker:
  • Welcome to the home of the Tee-Kay Slowpitch League
  • League golf tournament cancelled for 2015 season.
  • Teekay trims down to 15 teams for 2015 season as Da Bears fold.
Recent Results:
Thu Aug 27/15 7:30pm:
Old Crows 15
Whites 25

Thu Aug 27/15 6:30pm:
Hawks -
Bye -

Thu Aug 27/15 6:30pm:
Old Crows 11
Dals 23

Thu Aug 27/15 6:30pm:
Royal George Cubs 1
Chaos 0

Thu Aug 27/15 6:30pm:
Sinners 10
Mooners 8

Thu Aug 27/15 6:30pm:
Dawgs 25
Devils 5

Thu Aug 27/15 6:30pm:
Whites 17
Royals 6

Thu Aug 27/15 6:30pm:
Nite Out (Jets/Outlaws) 3
Sabres 8

Thu Aug 27/15 6:30pm:
Smokin Bats 0
Mets 1

Upcoming Games:
Thu Sep 10/15 6:30pm:
Royal George Cubs -
Dals -

Thu Sep 10/15 6:30pm:
Smokin Batz -
Mets -

Thu Sep 10/15 6:30pm:
Old Crows -
Chaos -

Thu Sep 10/15 6:30pm:
Mooners -
Whites -

Thu Sep 10/15 6:30pm:
Devils -
Sabres -

Thu Sep 10/15 6:30pm:
Dawgs -
Sinners -

Thu Sep 10/15 6:30pm:
Hawks -
Nite Out -

Countdown to start of playoffs
(Sep 10/15)

Final standings are posted ...


2015 Playoff Tournament schedule is posted.  Pools are as follows:

A-side - Dals (A1), Sinners (A2), Dawgs (A3), Royal George Cubs (A4)
B-side - Nite Out (B1), Whites (B2), Mooners (B3), Hawks (B4)
C-side - Mets (C1), Sabres (C2), Devils (C3), Smokin Batz (C4)
D-side - Chaos (D1), Old Crows (D2), Royals (D3)

2015 Pre-Season Tournament Winners:

A-division Champs:  Dals
B-division Champs:  Hawks
C-division Champs:  Dawgs
D-division Champs:  Boots



Buhler Rec Park is hosting the 2015 Canadian Native Fastball Championships from July 31 to August 2, 2015.  The park is seeking volunteeers to help make the event a success; by working the BBQ, serving in the beer gardens or general cleanup duties.  All profits generated by the event go towards improvements to the facility.  If you are interested and would like to get involved, see Steve Mymko at the canteen or call 204-781-6118.


2013 Awards Winners & Champions:
Regular Season:
Aggregate - Sinners
A Champs/Lou Dandenault Memorial trophy - Dals
B Champs/Jack Friesen Memorial trophy - Jays
C Champs/Carling O'Keefe Award - Hawks
Pre-season tourney:
A Champs/Molsons trophy - Dals
B Champs/Garybarb Enterprises trophy - Whites
C Champs/Jim Johnson Sports Centre trophy - Jets
D Champs - Das Boots
MVP/Randall James Kereluk trophy - Luke Johnston (Sabres)
Das Boots - Dean Ducharme (Dals)
Sportsmanship/Dorothy St.Amant Team trophy - Royal George Blues
Dedicated Service/President's Trophy - Mike Jerlo (Old Crows)
Fellowship/John Bisson Award - Mike Gordichuk (Dals)
Most strike-outs/Swoosh King - Ryan Trapp (Dawgs)
Golf tournament Champs - Harry Beaton, Roger Beernaerts, JR Sheldon & Tom Thompson



Welcome to the Tee Kay Slowpitch League Home Page.  The Tee Kay Slowpitch League is an 18 team men's, 30+ slowpitch league based out of East Winnipeg.

If you are interested in joining our league as an individual player or team, please contact us:  Spots for individual players are still available for this season.


For game day updates on diamond conditions, visit the following website:



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