Sep 19/20
8:42 pm

L & D Walkers




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  • Controversy is started...who is on InSite!
  • Sara Holland is looking for wacky commuters. Contact her at 7680.
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Player of the week:
(Sep 18/05)
Leona Wiebe

Leona was our top walker overall with 572,590 steps. Way to go Leona!!
Countdown to We are done and in NB
(Sep 19/05)

Who is on InSite!

Vancity Centre, August 25:

Controversy struck the L&D Walkers as it appears some photos have been doctored in order to discredit the efforts of the team! Team Captain Ken Davis was extremely upset at the allegations, "I don't believe that anyone from my team would ever go to such a level...I know that my team believes in the statement of values and commitments and therefore would never go to such a point." Nevertheless, it appears someone was gunning for the L&D this going to "put fire under their rears"? Time will tell...


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