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New Orleans Riders



New Orleans

Member of the Women's Blue Chip Basketball League

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(Jun 10/13)
Margot Tracy

Leader in rebounds and blocks and second leading team scorer
Posted May 9/14 - Keith Thomas
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Posted Mar 31/14 - The history of the New Orleans Riders

New Orleans Riders, New Orleans Louisiana


The New Orleans Riders, formally named Lady Hurricanes, came into existence 2007.  Four former talented basketball players came to me asking to help them with forming a new semi-pro team. The ladies saw on the Women's Blue Chip Basketball League website that applications were being accepted to start a league in various cities.

After three successful years with the Women's Blue Chip Basketball League, many of the ladies went on to doing other things in their career.  I continued with the team and two ladies that stayed on with the team, said let's change the name and that's where the “New Orleans Riders” came about.

There are many advantages to owning a team. One is, you get to build a program from the bottom and see it grow. You are constantly seeing talented women strive for their dream and a chance to make it in the pro's.  I have met so many wonderful people during my journey and have formulated some very healthy friendships. 

The disadvantage is that my vision for the New Orleans Riders has taken a lot of hard work, sacrifices, very strong possibilities of going in the red for a while, and losing friendships. I strongly recommend that someone who is looking into this type of venture, partner with someone you can trust and has the same vision you do!

I am working on networking to help build the New Orleans Riders to the next level.  We want the community and schools to join in partnering with us to make this organization a very successful one. The Nationals are held in different cities every year, this year, the New Orleans Riders will be hosting the WBCBL annual Nationals which consist of the all the regions and the men's region (UMBL).

My greatest achievement from continuing with the Women's Blue Chip Basketball League was looking back from 2007 to now and wondering how in the heck did we make it this far, by the grace of God.  There is still a lot of work to do and my vision includes job opportunities for young female athletes.  As we continue building from the WBCBL, the New Orleans Riders will be a awesome program to be apart of.

Best Regards,

Pam Hardy, Owner

~~Attention WBCBL Team Owners, Coaches, Players, Family, and Fans

It is with great pleasure that the New Orleans Riders will be the hosting team for this years WBCBL National Event on August 1-3, 2014. All games will be played at L.B. Landry High School, located 1200 L. B Landry Ave. New Orleans La. 70114. The focus of our tournament is to create outstanding playing opportunities for the teams and players entered. The WBCBL National games are located 1.2 mi, 3 min driving across from the Holiday Inn Express. Please decide to make your reservations early to take advantage of the hotel package, this way as it guarantee that you are receiving the WBCBL rate and accommodations: price includes all day shuttle and full breakfast.








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