Most Valuable Player Rookie of The Year Silver Slugger Gold Glove Most Improved
2016 Curtis Smith Blake Carruthers Fraser Armstrong Blake Carruthers Jordan Drefko
2017 Blake Carruthers Michael Goldade Fraser Armstrong Blake Carruthers Carlos Charmell
2018 Curtis Smith Roly Diaz Carlos Charmell Blake Carruthers Christian Lapointe
2019 Trent Lawson Cam Williams Trent Lawson Matt Zanutto Trent Lawson

Player of the week (Jul 19/20)

Russell Strilchuk

Wolfpack Rookie of the Year candidate Russell Strilchuk has broken out over the past week with two home runs, one of the walk off variety, in the Wolfpack's series against the White Sox. He led the team with six RBI this week and was just shy of batting .500 going 5-11 at the dish.

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