Elmwood Giants 2019 Cash Calendar Week Three Draw

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Elmwood Giants 2019 Cash Calendar Week Two Draw

November 14, 2019   read more

Elmwood Giants 2019 Cash Calendar Week One Draw

November 07, 2019   read more
2010 Spring Melt
Scoreboard Installation 2010
2010 Spring Melt
20100605 Trail Signage Launch - The sign highlighting Giants Field and Baseball in Elmwood
1979 Junior Giants win MJBL Title
20110814 WCBA Juniors
20100417 First team practice
20100509 Juniors Season Opener
20110814 WCBA Juniors
2010 Spring Melt
  • Welcome! This is the home of the Elmwood Giants Junior AAA team
  • The Elmwood Giants Baseball Club also operates a WJBL Junior AA team as well as two WSBL Senior AA teams

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Recent Results
Thu Aug 1/19 7:00pm:
Elmwood Giants 9
St. Boniface Legionaires 7
Wed Jul 31/19 7:00pm:
St. Boniface Legionaires 8
Elmwood Giants 0
Mon Jul 29/19 7:00pm:
Elmwood Giants 11
St. Boniface Legionaires 6
Sun Jul 28/19 7:00pm:
St. Boniface Legionaires 4
Elmwood Giants 5