Sometimes we forget the start. The introduction if you will. That moment when you discover your favorite player and everything they do you wish to accomplish. You’re so invested in their talent that you grab your newest and brightest white shirt and the sharpie color of the team just to etch, in the neatest bubble letters your horrible handwriting can produce, the number of the one you announced as your hero. But it doesn’t stop there! No, you know that you have to carry out the meaning of this number. As you throw on your “jersey” and become the commentator of your moves you let the world disappear. “She fakes to the left … she’s going for it” and you dunk that white paper ball into the trash! This is the beginning.


Remember your first game? What about the first time you made the team? Oh let’s not forget the first record you made! Moments that you won’t forget but neither is the time you didn’t start, your first injury, or the time you lost your confidence as a player. In basketball, and life, there are many challenges and achievements and the Flyers believe that staying encouraged and being secure in your dreams is necessary for success. Standing strong in the process of growth the Flyers are actively supportive by serving as mentors. During a packed two city two game weekend, the team traveled to Greenville SC just to mentor the One Unit AAU basketball team. Through basketball, conversations, and a dance session on May 30th it was clear that these girls were appreciative of the encouragement offered by the Flyers. After running a few drills with the One Unit team Kari Koch, Flyers captain, expressed “I feel it’s important that younger players have someone they can relate to. Yes you have your favorite WNBA players but how often are you able to meet them? Someone that they can look up to is what helps them stay on the right path and discover that their dreams can come true.” Flyers prove their commitment to encourage youth and anyone who just needs a boost by their motivational posts on their social networking sites.  “My family has always been supportive of me” Koch says “and my sisters and brother were my mentors. They always pushed me and nothing was given to me. They made sure I worked for it.” Flyers are dedicated to being the best mentors they can as they realize everyone hasn’t had the support or even the same opportunities. As the team grows in spirit as one they wish to change the perception of youth that feel as if they are alone by providing mentorship one team at a time. Each step they take, shot they make, and game they win is with the humbled intentions on making tomorrow a better place.


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  • Kari Koch (20 points / 11 assists / 11 steals) recorded the first Triple Double in franchise history on May 25, 2013!
  • Kari Koch set a new WBCBL record with 10 three point baskets in a game on June 29, 2013!

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