Mission Statement

Our mission is utilize the competition of the WBCBL. Presenting a fundamental sound advenue to opportunities on a professional realm. Guided by expierence , we thrive in community engagement and teaching fundamentals to the youth of the community. XFactor provides a blueprint towards success and encourages continuation and growth in basketball throughout your athletic career.  The purpose of our mission is to help bridge the gap for women in sports and to help steer athletes in the right directions

Quick Facts

  • The name XFactor was derived from the meaning of extra, extraordinary, from the concept that the "X" chromosome is unique, it is what defines a woman.
  • XFactor was founded in 2003.
  • Xfactor has 4 players that has International experience.


Clash of the Standings

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Too Much For New Kids on The Block

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Tampa Bay XFactor Finds a Home

May 08, 2011   read more

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