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Date  Location Visitor Home Result (Record)
Dec 13/19 6:00pm Clear Falls Dawson Clear Falls -
Dec 13/19 7:15pm Clear Falls Dawson Friendswood -
Dec 20/19 7:00pm Channelview Dawson Channelview -
Dec 31/19 12:00pm DHS Clear Brook Dawson -
Jan 2/20 10:00am DHS Angleton Dawson -
Jan 3/20 10:00am DHS Dulles Dawson -
Jan 3/20 6:00pm DHS Baytown Sterling Dawson -
Jan 4/20 2:00pm RIG Dawson Champions -
Jan 9/20 3:30pm SVHS Dawson Rowlett -
Jan 11/20 2:00pm SVHS Dawson New Braunfels -
Jan 14/20 7:00pm DHS Pasadena Memorial Dawson -
Jan 24/20 7:30pm DHS Deer parks Dawson -
Jan 28/20 7:30pm DHS Strake Jesuit Dawson -
Jan 31/20 7:15pm RIG Dawson Pearland -
Feb 5/20 7:30pm DHS Brazoswood Dawson -
Feb 8/20 12:30pm George Ranch Dawson George Ranch -
Feb 11/20 7:30pm DHS Taylor Dawson -
Feb 14/20 7:30pm DHS Hastings Dawson -
Feb 18/20 7:30pm Alief Aux Dawson Elsik -
Feb 21/20 7:30pm Strake Jesuit Dawson Strake Jesuit -
Feb 25/20 7:30pm DHS Pearland Dawson -
Mar 3/20 7:30pm DHS George Ranch Dawson -
Mar 6/20 7:30pm Alief Taylor Dawson Taylor -
Mar 10/20 7:30pm Alief Aux Dawson Hastings -
Mar 17/20 7:30pm DHS Elsik Dawson -
Dec 10/20 9:30am SVHS Dawson Kerville Tivy -

Player of the game (Feb 1/19)

Owen Woodside

Owen created several chances and forced Pearland's backline to panic and become disorganized. In the second half he headed home a game deciding goal to put the dagger in a convincing win over Pearland.

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