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South East Saskatchewan Baseball League Constitution

Article 1 Name The name of this League shall be the South East Senior Baseball League. 

Article 2 Objectives

a) To encourage and foster amongst its members sportsmanship and good citizenship.

b) To maintain and increase an interest in Senior Baseball.

c) To control and operate Senior baseball in the East Central Region of Saskatchewan and West Central Manitoba 

Article 3 Membership

a) Membership in the league shall consist of (2) types:

i) Charter Member- a member who has been in the league two (2) consecutive years and who has met the requirements of the league.

ii) Probation Member  a member who is accepted into the league but who has not gained charter membership because it has not spent two (2) consecutive years in the league. A probation member does not have voting privileges. 

b)   If a team requests a years leave of absence from the league, this will not affect the teams charter status. If the team  is out of the league for two consecutive years the team will have to make application to the league for probationary status. 

c)       Teams wishing to gain entry into the league must attend the Annual General meeting (AGM), and must also contact the current President prior to the annual meeting stating their intentions. To be accepted into the league, a motion must be made and seconded, with a majority vote to become a Probation Member. No teams shall be entered into the league after the AGM unless a request has been made prior to or at the AGM

Article 4 Officers and Executives 

a)       League Executive and Officers shall consist of 

1)       President  

2)       Vice President  

3)       Secretary-Treasurer  

4)       Statistician (optional) 

5)       Umpire assigner (from the Umpire Association) not a voting member  

b)       Duties of Officers shall consist of 

1)       President  shall preside at all meetings of the association with the usual privileges of his office. 

2)       Vice President- shall perform the duties of the president in his absence. They shall also perform tasks delegated by the President. 

3)       Secretary-Treasurer -  shall be responsible for keeping minutes of the meetings and shall see that these are distributed after each meeting to all league members. They also must keep an accurate record of the money received and disbursed and shall make a financial report at the Annual Meeting and the Semi-Annual meeting. 

4)       Statistician- appointed and has no voting privileges. 

5)       The Signing officers of the Association -shall be the President or Vice President and the Secretary- Treasurer. 

6)       Statistician- shall inform local papers of the league members and of the league standings during the season. 

7)       Grievance Committee- Shall be the President, Vice President plus one other person nominated at large. If the President or Vice President's team is involved in the grievance, than their team must be replaced with an unbiased party (within or out of the league). This must be a 3 person committee

8)       Umpire Assigner- Shall assign umpires to teams upon request. From the Umpire Association, will try to assign 3 umpires whenever possible, minimum of 2. Per game cost for all Umpires at game $110. Every effort will be made to provide at least 2 umpires, if there is only 1 umpire is available the umpire assigner will contact the teams and the teams will have the option to reschedule to a later date. If 1 umpire is accepted for the game, the rate will be $75. Mileage for Umpires $.40 per KM split by the assigner.  

Article 5 Meetings 

a)       The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held at the call of the President and Vice President. The meeting must take place by mid to late April to allow proper time for the season to begin smoothly. All topics at the AGM must be discussed and voted on. 

b)       Special meetings shall be at the call of the President. 

Article 6 Voting  

a)       All charter members of the league shall be entitled to one vote at all meetings of the association. 

b)       The President shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie. 

c)       All voting shall be by a show of hands or ballot depending on the wishes of the members present. 

Article 7 Amendments 

a)       Amendments or alterations to the constitution may only be made at the annual meeting. Such amendments require a majority vote. 

b)       Amendments may also be made at any other meeting provided there is 75% of league members present and 100% of those present are in agreement. 

Article 8  Awards -The winner of league playoffs will receive the league championship trophy. 

Article 9 Umpires 

a)       Each member of this association shall make every effort to use S.B.A or M.B.A. approved umpires plus two additional base umpires for all league and playoff games. 

b)       Payment of officials is the responsibility of the individual teams. 

c)       League umpires are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations utilized by this league. 

d)      Umpires that are late for games will be fined by the umpire association $20.

Article 10 Special League Rules 

a)       Each team must issue a $100 bond to be sent to league office prior to entry into the league. This is a performance bond and can be lost by a member for not meeting League requirements. If this bond is lost by a member, it must be replaced prior to the guilty partys next scheduled League game. If the bond has not been paid by their next scheduled game, than the next game will be another forfeit.  The League will issue the $100 bond to the offended team. Each team must pay an annual fee, set by the League Executive, for yearly operations. 

b)       Rescheduled/Forfeited/Postponed games

i)                     The team that is postponing games must do so at least 24 hours prior to the schedule starting time. No notice points could be lost if game is not played.. 

ii)                   Games must be rescheduled within 48 hours after the cancellation has occurred and the league President informed of the new date.

iii)                  Rain Outs - home team must notify the President within 48 hours of postponement of the date and the time game will be replayed. 

iv)                  Other reasons- The team postponing  must notify the President, also date and time of rescheduled game within 48 hours of the original game time. The team postponing must play the rescheduled game at the convenience of the other team. If unable to reschedule the game points will be forfeited to the offended team. 

v)                   A visiting team is not allowed to cancel another teams home game for any reason. If this is to happen, the home team being cancelled upon has the option to reschedule another date or force the visiting team to forfeit the two points. 

vi) If a team forfeits a game, they will lose their $100 performance bond, and that money will be forwarded to the opposing team by the league. The forfeiting team will also lose the right to host their first playoff game. If any team forfeits two games in a season, than their 2nd $100 performance bond will be issued to the other team, and the offending team will play their first two scheduled home playoff games on the road. If a team forfeits three games, than their season is immediately over. They will also lose their Charter Member Status and have to reapply to the league the following season to become a Probation member. 


c)  For all league games, the home team must forward the score of the game, and also a picture of the scoresheet or lineup cards of BOTH teams to the league statistician/webmaster within 48 hours of the game for the webmaster to enter on the website. Another option for the home team is to enter both rosters of the home and away teams themselves. Failure to do so will result in discipline consisting of :1st offence is a warning, 2nd offense $25 fine, 3rd offense $50 fine, 4th offense forfeiture. All fines to be paid to the league before the next game is played

d)       Player Eligibility  

i)                     Each team can roster 24 Players + Midgets. Players must be registered with the league prior to playing. A text to President or Secretary Treasurer will suffice.

ii Playoff Eligibility - Players must appear in 3 games to be eligible for playoffs.  An appearance consists of a plate appearance, a pinch/courtesy running appearance, a pitching appearance, or playing an inning of defence. EXCEPTION 18U players are playoff eligible if they play in a recognized league throughout the year. All teams playoff rosters must be finalized before their first playoff game. Using an ineligible player in the playoffs will result in a forfeiture

iii)            Players may play in 7 games MSBL or WMBL.  Players playing in their 8th game cannot return to the SESBL. 

iv)              players playing WMBL or MSBL may return to the league if they leave their WMBL or SESBL team by June 10th unless they leave their team by June 10th

iv)                  Each team must forward to the League Office at the Annual Meeting the team contact personnel for the current season. 

e)       Runner for the Catcher with 2 outs. Clean shirt or last out. If only 9 players than last out 

f)        Wood Bats only. 

g)      Balls will be Rawlings 100 or Diamond D1 or D2. New balls for each game.

i)       A reminder that we are a working mans league, running the catcher is not allowed as per SBA rules. 

h)       Rules 

i.                     As outlined in the S.B.A Rule Book 

ii.                    Ties are not to be broken during league play. 

iii.                  All League games shall be 7 innings with 5 innings constituting a game. 

iv.                  4 or more point games are not allowed. Games must be played to get the 2 points. 

v.                   Game time will be 6:15 unless otherwise posted. 

vi.               Warm ups (infield)

                   Home team 25 minutes before game time for 10 minutes.

                   Away team 15 minutes before game time for 10 minutes

                   Last 5 minutes lineup cards to umpires and diamond maintenance if any.                    

vii.              Playoff Structure will be reviewed annually. 

viii     Batting orders with 10 or more players for the regular season - During the regular season, teams have the option to bat more than nine players, and use unlimited defensive substitutions within the players in their starting lineup. For example, Team A has 12 players in the batting order, and 3 players on the substitution list. Only the players in the starting 12 can be rotated in and out of the field for defence. Any of the 3 subs can enter into the game, but the original player must be removed from the game. If one of the starting 12 players is injured or ejected, than a substitute must be made from the sub list to keep the batting order at 12.

In another scenario, Team B has 12 players in the batting order, but nobody on the subs list. If a player is injured, or ejected from the game, than that players spot in the batting order will be skipped as the game continues, and the team can continue with 11 

Article 11 League Office

Shall, rotate around the League unless otherwise agreed, two year terms, 2021/2022 Langenburg, 2023/24 Canora, 2025/2026 Roblin, 2027/28 Marlins

Article 12 Posting

League constitution to be posted on the League Website. 

Article 13 Team Registration

All teams must register with either the SBA or Baseball Manitoba. 

Revised April 24/2022




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