Apr 15/24
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Border Baseball League





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  • All league and playoff games will be 7 innings in length.
  • Should, after 7 complete innings, the score be tied, the teams will play extra innings until a winner is declared or when the umpire calls the game due to darkness.
    • The final out of their previous inning is placed at second base to start all extra innings.
  • Games will be ended and declared complete when one team is winning by at least 10 runs after 5 innings.
  • Teams may start or finish a game with eight players, with the ninth man being an automatic out when his turn in the batting order comes up.
  • The designated hitter rule will be in effect during league and playoff games.A team can choose to have the DH hit for any defensive player on the field.
  • For the purpose of an intentional walk, four pitches must be thrown.
  • During regular season games, if the game is halted due to rain or darkness, it shall be declared a complete game if 4 innings are completed. Or after 3 1/2 innings are completed if the home team is winning.
    • During playoff games where a game does not reach 7 innings due to rain out, etc. it shall be declared a complete game if 5 innings are completed. Or after 4 1/2 innings are completed if the home team is winning. 
  • Should a game not reach the point of completion, it must be re-played in its entirety and not resumed from the time of rain out.



  • Players must participate in 25% of the regular scheduled games to be eligible for playoffs
    • Players signed to an 18U roster are not required to meet the 25% game requirement
    • Players signed to a 21U roster MUST meet the 25% game requirement
    • 25% of the 2023 season will be considered 4 games
  • Game sheets are to be sent to the Border Baseball League statistician by the home team upon completion of each game
    • League stats will be used for consideration of playoff eligibility. Please confirm accuracy of stats after each game
  • In the event of a cancellation, the following individuals are to be notified, contact information is listed on the website
    • Website manager (Steve Mullin)
    • Umpire Coordinator (Jack Mutcheson)



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