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Retired Numbers: 

JP Willner (2007) - J.P. established many team records, both offensively, including a .462 batting avg, a .531 on base percentage, and as a pitcher allowing only 1.2 walks per game and pitching one perfect game and one no hitter.  J.P. then went on to play two years at Monterrey Peninsula Junior College in California where he continued to lead in both offensive and pitching categories.  J.P. is now continuing his impressive college career at New Mexico State at the NCAA Division 1 level.

Shawn Wilyman (2007) - Shawn was a dominant pitcher in the PMBL.  Shawn's devastating curveball is legendary, and along with his legitimate high 80s fastball, made him nearly unhittable.  Shawn set team records with 73 strikeouts in a season, averaging 10 per seven inning game, while holding opponents to a meager .164 batting average.  This all while facing the toughest teams in the league or the tournament.  Shawn pitched one perfect game and one no hitter.  Shawn went on to play two seasons at Taft Junior College in California where he lead the team in many pitching categories and near the conference lead in strikeouts.  Shawn is now continuing his impressive college career at Cal State Northridge at the NCAA Division 1 level. 


News releases:

Eric Bryce:

J.P. Wilner:

 Perfect Game:


Team Prairies--Toronto Blue Jays Tournament 12: Pat Kelley 2013; Nolan Legien (2013)

Team Saskatchewan Canada Cup: Jordan Schulz (11, 12), Brandon Herney (11), Brandon Radmacher (11), Ryan Filyk (11), Dylan Kozak (09 and 10), Aidan Marquardt (10)Dakota Fedak (09), Giles Virgin (09), Landon Adelman (08), Taylor Livingston (08), Josh Bresciani (07), Tyler Gerrans (07), Shawn Wilyman (06), J.P. Willner, (06), Eric Bryce (06)

Team Saskatchewan 16 yr. old Developmental Team: Jordan Schulz (11), Mark Romanow (11), Jesse LaRocque (11), Brandon Radmacher (10), Brandon Herney (10), Ryan Filyk (10), Dylan Kozak (09), Travis Gerwing (09), Aidan Marquardt (09), Giles Virgin (08), Dakota Fedak (08), Taylor Livingston (07), Stefan Peters (06), Shawn Wilyman (05), J.P. Willner (05), Eric Bryce (05)

Team Saskatchewan Bantam Selects Team: Taylor Livingston (06), Tyler Gerrans (05), Shawn Wilyman (04), J.P. Willner (04), Eric Bryce (04), Dakota Fedak (07), Giles Virgin (07), Aiden Marquardt (08), Travis Gerwing (08), Dylan Kozak (08), Brandon Herney (09), Ryan Filyk (09), Cole Boychuk (09), James VanCaeseele (09), Jordan Schulz (10), Jesse LaRocque (10), Mark Romanow (10)

Team Saskatchewan 2008 Western Canada Summer Games: Taylor Livingston (07)

Team Saskatchewan 2009 Canada Summer Games:   Landon Adelman (09)

Mizuno Camp Invitee:  Dakota Fedak (08), Jordan Schulz (11)

Team Canada Junior National Team:   Jordan Schulz (12)

Saskatchewan Premier Baseball League Batting Champion and MVP: Jordan Schulz (2012)

Saskatchewan Premier Baseball League Outstanding Pitcher: Pat Kelley (2013)

Former Players playing in college programs: 

Eric Bryce, University of Buffalo, NCAA Division 1 (Monterrey Peninsula Junior College)

J.P Willner, New Mexico State, NCAA Division 1 (Monterrey Peninsula Junior College, California Junior College)

Shawn Wilyman, Cal State Northridge, NCAA Division 1 (Taft College, California Junior College)

Greg Friessen, Prairie Baseball Academy, Lethbridge, Canadian College

Tayler Hinger, Prairie Baseball Academy, Lethrbidge, Canadian College

Stefan Peters, Northern State University, South Dakota.....Okanagan College, Kelowna, Canadian College

Jerrot Duchscher, Willistion State College, North Dakota, NAIA... Minot State University

Kyle Loeppky, University of Waterloo, Ontario University

Landon Adelman, Trinidad State University, Colorado Junior College

Tyler Smith, Okanagon College, Kelowna, Canadian College

Dakota Fedak, Western Nebraska, Junior College

John Kelley, Jamestown College, North Dakota, NAIA

Giles Virgin, Panola Junior College, Texas

Dylan Kozak, Prairie Baseball Academy, Lethbridge

Aidan Marquardt, Prairie Baseball Academy, Lethbridge

Brandon Herney, Monterey Peninsula College

Nathan Adelman, Monterey Peninsula College

Pat Kelley, Prairie Baseball Academy, University of Lethbridge

Jonathan Matity, Crown College

Graduating Players: 

2007 - Shawn Wilyman, Eric Bryce, Jerrot Duchscher, Greg Friessen, Michel Silvius, J.P. Willner

2008 - Tayler Hinger, Kyle Loeppky, Tyler Smith, Jake Murray, Josh Bresciani, Stefan Peters

2009 - Landon Adelman, Taylor Livingston, Dan Loughren, Connor Szumack, Andrew Van Os, Will Heward, Tyler Bachman

2010 - John Kelley, Giles Virgin, Dakota Fedak, Rob Doehl, Nathan Murray

2011 - Mike Dynna, Dylan Kozak, Aidan Marquardt, Chance McDougall

2012-Nathan Adelman, Cole Boychuk, Brandon Herney, Max Ritz, Brandon Radmacher

2013-Kyle Pirlot, Jesse LaRocque, Pat Kelley, Mark Romanow, Jonathan Matity


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