Jan 20/22
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Ruidoso Warriors Baseball




Team Ticker:
  • Win every pitch, every AB, every inning, every game!
  • Go to class and make your grades!
  • Put it in play and run like hell!
Countdown to District Play!
(Mar 31/12)

 Warrior Baseball 2012

March 30:  

We have one more day of practice to get better.  Our focus and work ethic this week of practice has been excellent.  Hard work always pays off! 

The bus will depart at 8:30am on Saturday morning so be there around 8am.  We must focus on beating Portales.  

Our official team gpa is a 3.03!  Nice job fellas.. We are succeeding in our first and most important goal!

Traveling varsity on Saturday:

1.  David Kacena

2.  Patrick Lundquist

3.  Garrett Thompson

4.  Ryan Yaksich

5.  Julian Lopez

6.  Denver Coronado

7.  Ryan Francis

8. Aaron Shalley

9. Jordan Wright

10.  Cade Patterson

11.  Bryce Thompson

12.  Robert Lopez

13.  Jesse Tercero

14.  Luke Chavez       


Remember our goals:

1. Team Grade Point Average of a 3.0!

2.  Winning Season

3.  District Champions

4.  State Champions 


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