# Name POS B H W School Hometown
Ian Chevalier C/OF L R Canmore Collegiate High Canmore, AB
Duncan Elgert
Anthony Grouette
Dan Chappel
Nick Taylor
Alex Tello
Terrance Hoppenreys
Alex Regan
Markus Koot
Mitch Chicoine
Rich Martin
Stephen MacKenzie OF Shoreline Community College
Chris Louie OF Dawson Community College
Dale Bratz
Chris Messer P Calgary, AB
11 Brady Wilson C/IF Calgary, AB
Mike Clapperton
Soren Graverson
Matt Dunn
7 Michael Goldade OF L L 5'10" 170 SAIT Calgary, AB
8 Phil Gray P/OF L L 5'10" 170 Harvard Newmarket, ON
9 Christian Lapointe P/1B L L 6'2" 195 University of Calgary Canmore, AB
Sean Maguire P L L 6'5" 230 Prairie Baseball Academy St. Albert, AB
27 Curtis Smith P/OF/1B L L 6'5" 230 University of Nebraska-Omaha Calgary, AB
6 Jon Young 1B R L 5'11" 230 Montreal, QC
Jason Louis 1B R R 6'1" 225 Cal-State Stanislaus Maskwacis, AB
3 Axel Christoffersen P/OF L L 5'10" 195 Calgary, AB
2 Carlos Charmell SS R R 5'5" 155 Universidad Alejandro de Humboldt Maracaibo, VEN
12 Dirk Dembroski P R R 6'1" 210 Jamestown University Ladner, BC
17 Blake Carruthers CF R R 5'10" 175 University of British Columbia Calgary, AB
21 Pat Shippit C R R 5'10" 200 Trail, BC
22 Andrew Lee IF/P R R 5'8" 170 Mississauga, ON
34 Trevor Czernick OF L R 6'3" 190 Calgary, AB
26 Shaun Connor 1B L R 6'1" 220 Brisbane Hawks (ABL) Red Deer, AB
31 Austin Baran 3B/P R R 5'9" 190 SAIT Calgary, AB
34 Brent Suecroft P R R 5'9" 165 Kamloops, BC
37 Neil Robertson P/OF L R 5'11" 200 Hard Knocks Grande Prairie, AB
40 Fraser Armstrong IF/OF/P L R 6'0" 210 University of Calgary Calgary, AB
1 Jordy Drefko IF R R 5'7" 155 SAIT Calgary, AB
3 Steven Selinger C R R 5'11" 180 St. Francis Xavier Calgary, AB
Tanner Pate IF/P R R 6'0" 170 Hudson's Taphouse Calgary, AB
Jamie Vallis OF R R 6'5" 200
Dale Anderson IF R R Strathmore, AB
Greg Hollman P R Savannah State University
Tony Onesty C R R 6'0" 180 Missouri University of Science & Tech. St. Louis, MO
Derek Goett C/DH L R 6'4" 230 Calgary, AB
5 Billy Boudreau IF L R 6'0" 180 Calgary, AB
9 Edgar Lizzeraga IF R R 5'9" 170
33 Rob Vrecic P/OF R R 5'10" 200
Chris May IF R
21 Ryan Wells 2B/P R R 5'10 200
89 Mike Brown IF/OF L R 5'10" 185 Vauxhall, AB
17 Lewis Fischer 2B R R 5'8" 170
Cody Phipps OF R R 6'2" 235 Victoria Island University Round Hill, AB
1 Alberto Trejo IF R R 5'11" 175 Simon Bolivar University Maracay, VEN
8 Rory Cairns C R R 5'10" 180
4 Jared Armstrong OF L R 5'7" 160 Ryerson University Calgary, AB
Joe Marron OF R R
16 Brendan Roworth IF/P L R 5'10" 155 University of Calgary Calgary, AB
11 Jaret Loran P/OF R R 6'3" 190 Niagra County Community College Medicine Hat, AB
4 Trent Lawson P/IF R R 6'3" 165 Huntington University Calgary, AB
Jim Lawson R R 6'0" 200 Huntington University Calgary, AB
20 Matt Zanutto C/OF L R 5'11" 195 University of Calgary Calgary, AB
Braydon Saunders P/OF R R University of Calgary Calgary, AB
89 Jordan Wong P/IF L R 6'5" 200 Calgary, AB
Tom Gayef P R R 6'4" 230 University of Calgary Calgary, AB
19 Cam Williams INF/P R R 5'10" 205 University of Calgary Vancouver, BC
Ramon Valdez C L R Barry University Calgary, AB
Roberto Valdez P R Calgary, AB
24 Ray Tamayo OF/IF R R 6'1" 182 Puerto Plata, DO
Pat Kelley P R R 6'2" 250 Northern Kentucky University Regina, SK
13 Brandon Billesberger OF L R 6'0" 185 IMG Academy Sherwood Park, AB
Cory Lawson P R R PBF Redbirds Calgary, AB
Teddy Higa C/IF L R Acadia University Calgary, AB
25 Mitch McGeein 3B R R 6'2" Eastern Michigan University
23 Russell Strilchuk 1B/3B L R 6' 2" 200 Colorado State University - Pueblo Calgary, AB
Wilfrido Del Rosario IF R

Player of the week (Jul 19/20)

Russell Strilchuk

Wolfpack Rookie of the Year candidate Russell Strilchuk has broken out over the past week with two home runs, one of the walk off variety, in the Wolfpack's series against the White Sox. He led the team with six RBI this week and was just shy of batting .500 going 5-11 at the dish.

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