Dress Code:

In order for the Georgia Falcons Football Organization to become successful, we must portray ourselves as structured, professional members of this organization both on and off the field. This upcoming season the staff of the Georgia Falcons Football Organization will be enforcing a dress code. All organization members must comply with the dress code. Any members caught breaking the dress code will be responsible for completing the punishment handed down to them from the coaching staff.

Team Colors:

Our team colors consist of Red, Black and Grey

Team Meeting Dress Code:

All members will need to look presentable at team meetings. Members must wear a button up collared shirt. (Polo shirts are acceptable) They will also need to have on jeans or dress pants. A belt must be worn as well. Sweats or shorts will not be allowed.

Practice Dress Code:

Tops (long or short sleeved tee shirt)
Plain solid white colored for offense and blue for defense
All shirts worn must not have any logos unless approved by the coaching staff

Bottoms (shorts or sweats pants)

Plain solid silver/ gray colored
All shorts worn must not have any logos unless approved by the coaching
Solid Black socks

Shoes (cleats and athletic shoes)
black shoes or cleats
team colored cleats(must be approved by coaching staff)

Accessories (head bands, wrist bands, and other accessories)
solid team colors only

No jewelry should be worn at practice. Neither the organization nor a member of the organization will be held responsible for any items damaged or lost at practice.

Cold Weather
cold weather gear, such as sweaters or sweat pants, that is worn should be red or black.

Numbering System:

Below is the numbering system established by the NFL and in place since 1973.
Numbers 1 to 19 are worn by quarterbacks, kickers, and punters.
Since 2004[6], Wide receivers are also allowed to wear numbers between 1 and 19 if they so choose, even if there's an 80-89 number available.
Numbers 1 to 49 are worn by running backs, tight ends (when an 80-89 number is unavailable), cornerbacks, and safeties.
Numbers 50 to 59 are worn by linebackers and offensive linemen.
Numbers 60 to 79 are worn by members of both the offensive line (the tackles, guards and centers) and defensive line (the defensive ends, defensive tackles and nose guard).
Numbers 80 to 89 are worn by wide receivers and tight ends.
Numbers 90 to 99 are worn by linebackers and defensive linemen.
Numbers 0 and 00 are no longer used, though they were issued in the NFL before the number standardization in 1973.


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