Georgia Falcons Have Joined EAFL SemiPro League For 2022 Spring Season

Posted July 17, 2021

Breaking New Georgia Falcons Joint EAFL SemiPro League for 2024 Spring Season.


The Georgia Falcons have applied, and been accepted to the EAFL football League The EAFL is highly regarded as the most professional and organized league in semi-pro football. As a national organization with regional divisions the EAFL focuses on producing a professional level of play as a product for fans at a resonable price. This is the huge gap between the fans of America's sport and the ability to actually see a professional football game. The EAFL also focuses on player development and exposure as well as the ability to give team sponsors exposure, and a return on their investment on a national scale. The Falcons are appreciative of those that assisted with the entry into this league as a new entity and are excited to have veteran players filling out our roster.The Falcons will embrace the league guidelines of good sportsmanship for the betterment of our fellow league members, while playing agressive and smashmouth football on game day. We expect nothing more, and nothing less from our competitors.


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Georgia Falcons Have Joined EAFL SemiPro League For 2022 Spring Season

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