Seven Lakes Alumnae Playing in College:

Kristin Hartmann - Penn State

Shanesse Spratt - Mississippi Valley State

Carol Bentley - Southwestern

Kelsey Gomez - Morehead State

Kristi Gomez - Morehead State

Kylie Hambleton - Sam Houston State

Leslie Patten - Syracuse

Lauren Harrington - SMU

Caitlyn Mortus - UT - Tyler


Class of 2008 - Kristin Hartmann 00, Brittany Yonkin 17, Mollie Dean 14, Nazli Goktepe 9, Ana Sanchez 11, Cathy Bradley 2, Marissa Anselmo 3,

Class of 2009 - Marissa Mastroianni 12, Michelle Hartmann 6, Eileen Mattix 23, Emilee Talley 20,

Class of 2010 - Bri Yonkin 19, DesiRai Gamez 16, Shanesse Spratt 13, Sammy Raoofi 01, Britnee Palshan 23,

Class of 2011 - Carol Bentley 14, Mel Bowler 3, Kat Racine 10 and Kelli Steinberg 21,

Classs of 2012 - Rachel Arthur 18, Kelsey Gomez 9, Kristi Gomez 11, Kylie Hambleton 00, Rachel Lacaze 15, Lauren Morris 1, Leslie Patton 13, Rachel Shell 12, and Kaitlyn Wilson 6.

Class of 2013 - Sarah Eads 2 and Kelly Johnston 4

Class of 2014 - Emma Eikermann 17. Lauren Harrington 16, Caitlyn Mortus 11 and Emma Rucker 23

2014 Accomplishments:

Team Awards:

Varsity - 2014 Regional Finalists (Elite 8 in State) & undefeated 19-5A District Champions

JV A - District Champions (4 peat)

JV B - District Runner Up

Individual Awards:

District MVP - Lauren Harrington

Newcomer of the Year - Sarah Gavin

First Team All-District - Bri Aheimer, Katy Byrne, Racheal Cecil, Caitlyn Mortus and Junique Rodriguez

Second Team All-District - Kylie Liddell, Jenna Marotta, Emma Rucker, Peyton Sanders, Allyson Schulte, and Caroline Wilson

Academic All-State - Emma Eikermann, Lauren Harrington, Caitlyn Mortus and Emma Rucker

Academic All-District - Kendall Goode, Allyson Schulte, Caitlyn Mortus, Jenna Marotta, Emily Townsend, Lauren Harrington, Emma Eikermann, Bri Aheimer, Katie Goodfellow, Junique Rodriguez and Emma Rucker


2013 Team Accomplishments

Regional Quarterfinalist

JV Orange District Champs

2013 Individual Accomplishments:

CONGRATULATIONS to the following SPARTANS for earning post season honors!

2nd Team All-Region: Lauren Harrington

1st Team All-District: Lauren Harrington, Junique Rodriguez, Sarah Eads and Sydney Gandy

2nd Team All-District: Bri Aheimer, Jenna Marotta, Caitlyn Mortus and Caroline Wilson

Honorable Mention: Hannah Libby and Kylie Liddell

Academic All-District: Brianna Aheimer, Racheal Cecil, Sarah Eads, Emma Eikermann, Katie Goodfellow, Lexi Gutfranski, Lauren Harrington, Kellie Johnston, Hannah Libby, Kylie Liddell, Jenna Marotta, Caitlyn Mortus and Emma Rucker

2012 Team Accomplishments

Varsity UIL State Finalist

UIL Region III Champion

19-5A District Champion

JV Orange District Champions

2012 Individual Accomplishments:

Congratulations to the following players for earning 2012 All-State and All-Region honors!   

 1st Team All-State:  Kristi Gomez, Rachel Arthur and Kylie Hambleton

  1st Team All-Region:  Kristi Gomez, Rachel Arthur and Kylie Hambleton

  2nd Team All-Region:  Kelsey Gomez

  Coach of the Year:   Amy Davis

 Further congratulations to the following seniors for earning All-State Academic Honors:  Rachel Arthur, Kelsey Gomez, Kylie   Hambleton, Rachel Lacaze, Lauren Morris, Leslie Patton and Rachel Shell.

2012 UIL State All-Tournament Team:  Kylie Hambleton, Leslie Patton and Kaitlyn Wilson

2012 Seven Lakes Spartans 19-5A All-District award recipients!

 Defensive MVP:  Kylie Hambleton

 New Comer of the Year:  Kylie Liddell

 1st Team All-District: Kristi Gomez, Kelsey Gomez, Rachel Arthur, Lauren Harrington and Sarah Eads

 2nd Team All-District: Leslie Patton, Rachel Shell, Rachel Lacaze, Siobhan Higgins and Peyton Sanders.

 Honorable Mention: Junique Rodriguez and Katy Byrne

 Coach of the Year:  Amy Davis

 Academic All-District Honors: 

Katy Byrne, Katie Goodfellow, Peyton Sanders, Lauren Harrington, Siobhan Higgins, Hannah Libby, Shayne Clewett, Sarah Eads, Kellie Johnston, Rachel Arthur, Kylie Hambleton, Rachel Lacaze, Lauren Morris, Leslie Patton, Rachel Shell

2011 Team Accomplishments:

2011 Region III Finalist

2011 19-5A District Champions 

2011 Individual Accomplishments:

All-State - Kylie Hambleton

1st Team All-Region - Kristi Gomez

2nd Team All-Region - Rachel Arthur

 2011 Spartan 19-5A All-District Team:

MVP - Kylie Hambleton

Newcomer of the Year - Lauren Harrington

1st Team All-District - Rachel Arthur, Shayne Clewett, Kelsey Gomez, Kristi Gomez and Rachel Lacaze

2nd Team All-District - Carol Bentley, Kat Racine and Rachel Shell

Honorable Mention - Lauren Morris and Leslie Patton

  2011 Academic All-District Awards:

 Rachel Arthur, Christina Chavez, Shayne Clewett, Sarah Eads, Kelsey Gomez, Kristi Gomez, Kylie Hambleton, Lauren Harrington, Kellie Johnston, Lauren Morris, Leslie Patton and Kat Racine

Team Accomplishments 2010

2010 State Semi-Finalists 

2010 Region III Champions   

 Brenham Tournament Champions

 I-10 Shoot Out South Bracket 2ndPlace

2009 Academic All American Award 

Individual Awards

1st Team All State - Kylie Hambleton  

2nd Team All State - Rachel LaCaze  

All-State Tournament Team - Brianna Yonkin & Marissa Contreras 

 Academic All State: Brianna Yonkin, Shanesse Spratt & Britnee Palshan 

1st Team All Region - Kylie Hambleton & Rachel LaCaze  

2nd Team All Region - Shanesse Spratt  

1st Team All District - Kylie Hambleton, Rachel LaCaze, Shanesse Spratt & Kat Racine  

2nd Team All District - Brianna Yonkin 

All District Honorable Mention - Kristi Gomez, Kelsey Gomez & Rachel Arthur 

Academic All District 

Rachel Arthur, Carol Bentley, Melanie Bowler, Cristina Chavez, Shayne Clewett, DesiRai Gamez, Kelsey Gomez, Kristi Gomez, Kylie Hambleton, Rachel LaCaze, Britnee Palshan, Kathryn Racine, Emily Rowe, Shanesse Spratt, Brianna Yonkin  


(Elite 8 in the State in their first year of 5-A!)

Regional Semi-Final Champions

Team Accomplishments 2009

2009 Regional Semi-Final Champions:

(def.FB Austin--previously undefeated)

Regional Quarterfinalist Champions
(def. Katy--District Champs)

Area Champions
(def. Kingwood--#1 in the Nation & previously undefeated)

Bi-District Champions
(def. Stratford--#2 seed from 18-5A)

 Individual Awards

ALL STATE TEAM:  Kylie Hambleton

 ALL STATE ACADEMIC TEAM:  Michelle Hartmann, Eileen Mattix & Marisa Mastroianni 

 REGION III TEAM:  Kat Racine and Eileen Mattix
Region III Coach of the Year:  Amy Davis  

 ACADEMIC ALL-DISTRICT TEAM:  Rachel Arthur, Carol Bentley, Katie Bourgeois, Cristina Chavez, Kelsey Gomez, Kylie Hambleton, Michelle Hartmann, Rachel LaCaze, Eileen Mattix, Kat Racine, Bri Yonkin

ALL-DISTRICT 17-5A TEAMS:  1st TEAM: Kylie Hambleton, Eileen Mattix & Kat Racine
2nd TEAM:  Katie Bourgeois, DesiRai Gamez, Brianna Yonkin, Michelle Hartmann, Rachel LaCaze
HONORABLE MENTION: Shanesse Spratt, Kelsey Gomez, Kristi Gomez


JV Orange District 17-5A, 2nd place 

 JV Blue District Champions 17-5A

2007, 2008 Team Academic All American Award
('09 - 3.88/4.0)

 2007, 2008 District 24-4A District Champs
2007 4-A Regional Finalist
2008 4-A Area Finalist

2008 District 24-4A Back to Back Champions! 

 All District Team 

CO-MVP: Brittany Yonkin

GOAL KEEPER MVP: Kristin Hartmann

DEFENSIVE MVP: Eileen Mattix  

1ST TEAMS: Offense: Desirai Gamez - Midfielder: Erin Juvenal - Defenders: Brianna Yonkin & Michelle Hartmann 

2ND TEAMS: Midfielder: Nichole Brennan - Defender: Ana Sanchez 

HONORABLE MENTION: Forwards: Mollie Dean & Nazli Goktepe - Midfielders: Lauren Quinn & Kat Racine


Kristin Hartmann, Carol Bentley, Cathy Bradley, Marissa Anselmo, Nichole Brennan, Veronica By, Michelle Hartmann, Nazli Goktepe, Kat Racine, Ana Sanchez, Marisa Mastroianni, Shanesse Spratt, Erin Juvenal, DesiRai Gamez, Brittany Yonkin, Lauren Quinn, Brianna Yonkin, Emilee Talley, Jill Stigall, Eileen Mattix, Alison Williams, Samantha Raoffi


TASCO Academic All-State

Marissa Anselmo, Cathy Bradley, Nazli Goktepe, Kristin Hartmann, Ana Sanchez, Jillian Stigall 

District Coach of the Year—Coach Davis!!


Varsity 24-4A CHAMPIONS

Overall Record: 17-8-1 -- District Record: 16-2-2


16-11-2 Overall Record

24-4A District Record (JV Orange and Blue) 7-1

JV Blue

13-6-2 Overall

West Houston JV-B District Record 4-1-2

 Congratulations to Senior Goalkeeper, Kristin Hartmann, on her selection to 2007 NSCAA/Adidas High School Scholar All-America Team and to the 2007 All Region VI (Southwest)Team. Click on NSCAA/Adidas for complete list of players.











ALL STATE PLAYERS: Kristin Hartmann & Brittany Yonkin 

Kristin and Brittany were selected to the Region III All Tournament Team and to the ALL STATE TEAM. Kristin made the 1st team All State as the Region III Goal Keeper while Brittany made the 2nd team All State as a Region III midfielder. Congratulations to both players for your success and selection to the ALL STATE TEAMS!


All-District Awards:

Co-MVP--Brittany Yonkin, DEF. MVP-Eileen Mattix, GK MVP-Kristin Hartmann 

1st Team: Nazli Goktepe, Nichole Brennan, DesiRai Gamez, Brianna Yonkin 

2nd Team Yonelly Gutierrez, Brandi Little, Ana Sanchez 

Honorable Mention: Marissa Anselmo, Michelle Hartmann


Academic All-District 





First goal for Seven Lakes               Vs. Kingwood              Michelle Hartmann

First save                                                                                Kristin Hartmann


2007 First’s as a Varsity Program: 

First Varsity goal       vs.    Cy Ridge               at Brenham Cup   Yonelly Gutierrez

First Varsity assist      vs.    Cy Ridge               at Brenham Cup  Marisa Mastroianni

First shut out            vs.    Cy Ridge                 at Brenham Cup  Kristin Hartmann

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  • And, the one extra degree of effort in business %26 in life. . .separates the good from the great.
  • It's time to turn up the heat!!! 212
  • Even when winning is improbable, losing is still far from optional!
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