Feb 27/21
10:24 am

GVBA Bantam 2012





Name Position Phone Email
Mike Scherr GVBA and Carnarvon Coordinator  250-592-5123 

Jan Rennie Duncan Coordinator  250-732-1017 

Murray Smith Lambrick Coordinator and Lambrick AA Manager  250-477-1638 

Sue Hopwood Layritz Coordinator  250-885-1409 

Darren Meads Peninsula Bantam Coordinator and AA Coach  250-652-1246 

John Turcotte Triangle Bantam Coordinator and AA Manager  250-889-7109 

Jordan Louis Manager Bantam AA Carnarvon  250-661-8065 

Al Blaskovich Manager Bantam AA Peninsula  250-652-6355 

Dave Potter Manager Bantam AA Layritz  250-727-2297 

Doug Hopwood Coach Bantam AA Layritz  250-885-1409 

Cory Waters Coach Bantam AA Lambrick  250-744-5464 

Grant Fenton Manager Bantam A Carnarvon 1  250-592-5429 

Colin McColl Manager Bantam A Carnarvon 2  250-881-6347 

Len Hollingsworth Manager Bantam A Carnarvon 3  250-883-2197 

Bob Rennie Manager Bantam A Duncan 1  250-732-1017 

Julie Smith Manager Bantam A Duncan 2  250-715-6586 

Andrew Cochrane Manager Bantam A Duncan 3  250-715-5013 

Randy Hess Manager Bantam A Lambrick 1  250-479-8892 

Bob Dawson Coach Bantam A Lambrick 1  250-472-8186 

Mark Darling Manager Bantam A Lambrick 2  250-727-8744 

Dan Anderson Manager Bantam A Layritz 1  778-679-1370 

Chris Hauff Manager Bantam A Layritz 2  250-474-2256 

Connor Abbott Manager Bantam A Layritz 3  250-475-6741 

Don Hinse Manager Bantam A Peninsula  250-508-5557 

Don Wiebe Manager Bantam A Triangle 1  250-478-6118 

Steve Fremmerlid Manager Bantam A Triangle 2   250-744-6250 

Joe Stephenson President, Lambrick   

Dave Swinton President, Peninsula   

Martin Barbour President, Layritz   


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