Sectional entries and schedule

Posted April 25, 2024

Sectional entries and schedule

Schedule (rolling schedule)

Friday April 26th



4x100m prelim – pushed to final

1600m Final                 porr, woodard, bolton

                                    Porr, bishop, cooke

400m Final                   adams


100m/110m Hurdles Prelims    dolan, coleman, woodard

                                                Dekle, welch, mark

100m Prelims                           robinson, gerardi


4x800m Relay Final                   porr, woodard, bolton, salmon

                                                Dekle, porr, adams, bishop

200m Prelims                           robinson, elebash,


Saturday April is 27th


3200m Final                 porr, woodard, weinakker

                                    Cooke, porr, bishop

4 x 100.         robinson, coleman, gerardi, smith

                     Hill,  Malachi, Millier, Adams

100m/110m Hurdles Final

100m Final

300m Hurdle Final        robinson,

                                    Dekle, cain, muscat

200m Final

800m Final                   salmon, bolton, woodard

                                    Porr, bayird, willis

4x400m Relay Final.  ? , ? , ? , ?

                                    Hill, Dekle, Porr, Adams





Friday April 26th


11:00 am

5A Boys & 5A GirlsSP

6A Boys DT                  

5A Girls JAV

5A Boys HJ

5A & 7A Girls PV           dolan, clark, gerardi

6A Boys LJ

5A Girls TJ



6A Girls & 7A Girls SP   Wallace, dempsey

5A Girls DT

5A Boys JAV

6A Girls HJ

5A Boys LJ

5A/6A/7A Boys PV       schmohl, dekle, pape

7A Girls TJ                   coleman, dolan, kidd



6A Boys & 7A Boys SP  tran, ward, mark

6A Boys TJ

7A Girls LJ                   davis, kidd, clark

7A Girls DT                   cummings, Wallace, strain

7A BOYS JAV               conger, mayhall, adams


7A BOYS HJ                  welch,


Saturday April 27th


6A Girls DT

6A Boys JAV

5A Girls HJ

6A Girls LJ

5A Boys TJ



6A Girls JAV

5A Girls LJ

7A Boys TJ       welch, mark, whitfield

7A Boys DT       tran, tidikis, ward

7A Girls HJ       dolan, davis, trinh



5A Boys DT

6A Boys HJ

7A Boys LJ       welch, mark, whitfield

6A Girls TJ

7A Girls JAV     strain, jollit, wallace


All throws and horizontal jumps will be measured. Top 9 will be taken to finals for an additional three throws/jumps.

Opening height in Pole Vault and High Jump will start one height below minimum qualifying height.



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