Pitch Count Regulations
1. Any player on the team is eligible to pitch and there are NO restrictions to the number of pitchers a coach may use in a game.

2. An appearance shall be defined as 1 pitch thrown or more.

3. Pitchers are permitted to have a maximum of 2 appearances in the same calendar day. If a pitcher requires a rest following the 1st appearance, they cannot return to pitch in the same day. (Example: a Pee Wee pitcher throws 29 pitches in their 1st appearance. That pitcher has not reached a rest threshold and may pitch in another game that calendar day. Another Pee Wee pitcher throws 40 pitches in their 1st appearance. That pitcher has exceeded the no-rest threshold of 30 pitches, and cannot pitch for the remainder of the day). The official scorekeeper will calculate the total pitches thrown for that calendar day and determine the required rest starting the next calendar day. These two appearances would only occur if 2 or more games are being played on the same day.

4. Every pitch thrown in the game is counted (including foul tips, and all foul balls). Warm-up pitches between innings, or when a new pitcher enters the game, are not part of the count.

5. A pitcher cannot pitch 3 consecutive days unless a pitcher’s first two (2) days combined does not exceed:
Mosquito: 25 Pee Wee: 30 Bantam: 35 Midget: 40
If a pitcher’s Day 1 + Day 2 total exceeds the figure shown above, they require at least one days rest. A pitcher cannot pitch four consecutive days. Minimally one days rest is required. (Example: A Pee Wee Pitcher throws 15 pitches on Day 1 (Friday). That same pitcher throws 10 pitches on Day 2 (Saturday). The two day total is 25 pitches, which is less than the limit of 30. This pitcher is allowed to pitch on Day 3 (Sunday) to their maximum limit, which for Pee Wee is 85. This is a change from the previous rule where a pitcher could not pitch on 3 consecutive days.

6. The official scorekeeper will calculate the total pitches thrown for that calendar day and determine the required rest (if any) starting the next calendar day. Athletes must not exceed the maximum pitch count total for that day. If there is no official Pitch Count scorekeeper, the home team Pitch Count scorekeeper will become the official Pitch Count scorekeeper.

7. Once a player assumes the role of pitcher, they cannot catch for the remainder of the day. This rule allows a player to catch, and then pitch in the same game or the same day. However a player cannot pitch and then catch in the same game or day. This is a change from the previous rule that said players cannot pitch and catch in the same day.

8. Pitchers will be permitted to finish the batter if their maximum pitch limit has been reached for that calendar day. (e.g. 75 for a Mosquito pitcher, 85 for a Pee Wee pitcher)

9. Intentional walks will be included in Pitch Count totals.

10. Required Rest shall be defined in “Days” starting at 12:01 a.m. and ending at 11:59 p.m. of the next calendar day.

11. A pitcher who is removed from the mound during the game shall not be permitted to return to pitch in the same game, even if the pitcher is retained in the game in another position.

Rest Required Mosquito
Number of Pitches
Pee Wee
Number of Pitches
Number of Pitches

Number of Pitches

None 1-25 1-30 1-35 1-40
1 Day 26-40 31-45 36-50 41-55
2 Days 41-55 46-60 51-65 56-70
3 Days 56-65 61-75 66-75 71-85
4 Days 66-75 76-85 76-95 86-105
Total Pitches
Allowed in a Day
75 85 95 105


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