July Update

Posted August 12, 2018

Been a while, so here it is:  We sucked for a long time, for various reasons, then ripped off 4 wins to close out the season and lock up a playoff spot and a matchup with the Longhorns in the first round.

A bunch of wild, interesting, hilarious and bizarre stuff has gone down, but to keep this short and sweet, it's history now.

Also before playoffs begin, we say farewell to Giant workhorse on the mound over the past 3 seasons Drew Calanchie.  Drew is a beaut and nutted up countless times for us with huge efforts in big games.  We wish him luck as he begins a new chapter of his life with his family in southern Ontario.  All the best Drewser, you will be missed.

Also moving on before playoffs is Nate Seltsam, the second generation seltsam to play with a handful of Giants, Nate was a great addition to the squad, plays a wicked round of long toss, and is just a good athlete.  Best of luck as you head back to Mount St. Mary's for your senior year!

That's where we're at for now, we'll try and stay on top of things from here on.


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