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To become a student in the St. Francis Xavier Baseball Academy the following items are required:


Please be advised that information that is not up to date will be upgraded as soon as possible.  If there are any questions do not be afraid to contact the Baseball Academy Staff.

  1. Completed Application Form (See Below)
  2. Transcript or the last Report Card
  3. Baptismal Certificate (If Applicable)
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. $500.00 Deposit



Please view these documents below for more information - Please contact St. Francis Xavier High School in January 2012 for the new Contracts and Registration Forms. 



Student Application for 2013/2014


Basic Baseball Academy Contract for 2013/2014 (At FX Book Store)


Advanced Baseball Academy Contract for 2013/2014 (At FX Book Store)


Click Here for the Baseball Academy Open House Presentation


Click Here for the Details of the Basic and Advanced Programs




Please Send Application Form and required documents to:


Attn: Mark Randall

 St. Francis Xavier High School

9250 - 163 Street

Edmonton, Alberta

T6M 2M8


Grades 6 - 11 students are eligible to submit applications for the 2012 Fall Season in March of 2012.  Students must be eligible to attend St. Thomas More Junior High School or St. Francis Xavier High School.  Please be aware that space is limited and the sooner you start the process the more likely you will receive acceptance into the program and receive the courses you desire.  You will not receive confirmation until administration has accepted your child.  This process will not start until March and may take a few months.  Please be aware that getting your information in sooner will help the process.  The High School Only - will except late registrations but you will not be guaranteed the flexibility in academic programming that you desire.   Be advised that we have accepted students in Late August  and will continue if space is available but this format is not preferred for planning purposes.



Mark Randall - 780-489-2571  EXT. 341











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