Frequently Asked Questions about STATS:

1.  Why do stats in the first place?  Answer:  There are several reasons. First, it's fun to be more involved in the game and to get to know the players on the team and coaches better. Second, I think the kids (and their fans) enjoy seeing their stats. Some follow their goals and assists. Others are more interested in their plus/minus stats or shots or shooting percentage. Whatever... I try to include stats to meet everyone's interests. Third, I believe that the stats can help the coaches, if they want to use them. The current coaching staff, for example, in addition to the stats on the website, has asked me to keep record of the number of passes and turnovers by period, and the number of face-offs won and lost, by player and period. In the past, for example, I have found that the greater the ratio of passes to turnovers, the more likely a team is to win. I also supply the coaches with the location of shots for and against, and circle the times a shot scores. This can help them to see where we and our opponents are scoring from, which can help in the designing of plays, coaching of goalies, and so on.

2.  What does the plus/minus statistic mean?  Answer:  The +/- statistic refers to whether your team scores or the other team scores while you are on the ice. If, for example, a kid is on the ice twice in a game when we score a goal, and once when the other team scores, his plus/minus for that game would be 2 - 1 = 1.  Note, however, that the plus/minus stat only applies when the teams are even strength. Otherwise, if the team had power play and penalty killing units, those on the former would have a distinct advantage (in terms of their +/- stats) over those on the latter.  The exceptions to this are that I DO count (1) a plus for each player on the ice when we score while we are killing a pentalty, and (2) a minus against each player on the ice when we are scored upon when we are on a power play.  The +/- statistic listed on the STATS page is the sum of all your pluses and minuses for the season so far, and I update it after every game.

3.  I was on the ice for 3 goals last game in our shutout, but only was plus 2 for the game. Why?  Answer:  Again, this goes back to the answer to the last question. If you were on the ice for one power play goal (when we had the man advantage), that goal would not count towards your plus/minus statistic, but the other two even-strength goals would.

4.  How do you keep track of everything?  Answer: With lots of help.  One person can't collect all the stats alone.

5.  How do you decide on goals and assists? Answer:  This is a multi-stage, but still sometimes imperfect process. What I do is go to several sources, which include (1) the official game sheet (which ALMOST ALWAYS is accurate for the goal scorer, GENERALLY is accurate for the first assist, and OFTEN IS NOT accurate for the second assist - or the 2nd assist is just not listed);  (2) my own records as I watch the game (ofetn asking other parents - did you see who scored that?); (3) my wife's plus/minus records, because she tries to keep track of goals and assists too; (4) the coaches, who I often ask if the first three sources have discrepancies; and (5) the players themselves; again, I approach the kids if there is any uncertainty among the first three or four sources.

6.  What if the goals and assists listed on the game sheet are DIFFERENT from all the other sources? Answer:  Usually, there is no uncertainty about the goal scorers, especially after I ask the kids themselves (they always know). In terms of assists, if an assist is listed on the game sheet for a kid who wasn't even on the ice at the time (according to all the other sources), then that kid won't be given an assist on the STATS page. If, however, the kid WAS on the ice and there is at least some level of uncertainty amongst all the other sources, I WILL give that kid credit, even when the kid was not mentioned by any of the other sources. What this means is that, occasionally (it has happened twice this year), I have given three assists for a single goal, despite hockey rules saying only two should be allowed. My reason is that I don't want to short-change anyone.

7.  What happens if a player does not get credit on the STATS page for some great thing they did on the ice (goal, assist, a plus), when they really deserve it?  Answer: Just email me or talk to me at the next game or practise.  Again, I really don't want to short-change anyone.

8.  How long have you been doing this? Answer: For several years, and usually for 2 or 3 teams each year (now only two, because my oldest son is 19 and not playing anymore). I started creating and maintaining team webpages 4 years ago, when Don Harris, Patrick's coach at the time, asked for a volunteer to do so. Since I already was doing the stats, and I felt that stats were a critical part of any team webpage, I volunteered to do the webpage too. And the rest, as they say, is geography!!!

9.  What happens at the end of the year?  Answer: At the end-of-year party, each and every kid on the team will receive a laminated personal stats sheet (11 x 8), that will include their picture (so send me pictures, people!!!), all their season stats, and a short summary of their season highlights... a little momento of their season to put up on their wall.  If the parents want one too, just let me know.

10.  How do I get MY question on your FAQs page?  Answer: Just ask me a question relating to the statistics or website.  And, if your question doesn't end up on the website and you think it should be, remind me; and, if I deem it appropriate, there it shall be.  P.S. I have a GREAT memory... I just forget to use it most of the time.

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