# Name  POS H W Shoots Favourite Team Favourite Player Favourite Movie
Dylan Astles (D) D 5'7" 150 Left Toronto Maple Leafs
3 Christopher Athanasiou (AP) F
7 Cole Barber F
15 Matt Bergeron D
4 Austin Blais (F) F 6'4 180 Right
17 Jackson Bowery (F) Forward
4 Cory Capstick (F) Forward
7 Benoit Charlebois (F) Forward
8 Kurtis Colbran (F) F 5'9" 120 Left Avs. Joe Sakic n/a
12 Joshua Connors (F) Forward
18 Mitchell Cossett (F) Forward
AP Justin Cripp (D) Defense
1 Nathan Cruikshank (G) Goalie
4 Kyle DiCicco (D) D (Assistant Captain) 5'7" 145 Right Leafs
4 Adam Donolan F
9 Josh Doxtator (F) Centre
AP Garret Drouin F) Forward-AP
15 Jake Dwinnel (F) Forward
11 Ryan Dyson (F) F
17 Chris Farr (F) C 5'10" 160 Left Tronto Maple Leafs Jared Knight
5 Sheldon Fickling (D) D
17 Andrew Gayad (F) Forward
6 Tyler Geddes F
AP- Jordan Geurten AP-G
6 Patrick Goldhawk-White (D) Defence
5 Ryan Gosso (F) Forward
10 Tim Gould (F) Forward
30 Kurtis Graham G 5'11" 155 Left Toronto Maple Leafs
1 Dennis Greaves (G) G 5'11" 158 Left Leafs Phil Kessel n/a
1 Dan Green F/D
17 Daniel Green (D) D
AP Tyson Groot (AP)
2 Tyson Groot (D/F) D
10 Garrett Guest (D) Defence
14 Ryan Hanna (D) Defense
30 Andrew Harriman-Duke (G) G
8 Mitch Harris F
AP Mitch Harris (AP) F
17 Jarrett Harris (F) C
6 Brandon Henriques (F) Forward
AP Ryan Hetherington (F) Forward
Canaan Hill (D) Defence
Tommy Hill (F) Forward
AP Garrett Hodgsons AP
16 Ian Isbister (F) F
7 Matthew Johnson (F) F
11 Brett Johnson (F) Forward
8 Kyle Kenny (D) Defence
10 Marshall Lafleur D
AP Marshall Lafleur (AP) D
15 Josh Laughton (F) F
AP Austin Lavigne AP
16 Austin Lavigne (D) Defense
12 Lucas Lebel (F) Forward
Brandon Levere (D) Defense
30 Ben Lidzharski (G) Goalie
16 Josh Lockhart F
16 Josh Lockhart (F) F 5'11" 165 Left Toronto Maple Leafs Alex Ovechkin Step Brothers
12 Connor Lyttle (F) C 6'0" 138 Right
15 Gage Matt (F) F
5 Colin McDonald F
30 Kody McGee-Baynham G
15 Nathan McIntyre (D) Defence
AP Brendan McIntyre (F) F
Connor McKay (F) F 6'0" 135 Right Toronto Maple Leafs
2 Mason Merchant (F) Forward
1 Dylan Moniz (G) Goalie
7 Mitch Morin
Empty Net
AP Aaron Nichols (AP)
8 Clayten Nielsen (F) C/F
12 Scott Paquet (F) F 5'9" 175 Right Detroit Red Wings Nichlas Lindstrom Slap Shot
AP Brendann Parker (D) D
7 Tyler Perry (D) D 5'9" 215 Left New Jersey Devils Scott Stevens 8 Mile
12 Ricco Puzzuoli (F) F (Assistant Captain)
AP Chris Riley (D) D
16 Kasey Ripley (F) Forward
1 Nick Robbins G
AP Jack Row (F) Forward
7 Dylan Sauve (F) Forward
11 Tyler Seguin F
30 Kyle Smeltzer (G) Goalie
3 Jeremy Snelgrove F
3 Christian Tamburri (F) Forward
11 Cal Taylor (D/F) Defence
9 Spencer Templeman (D/F) Defence
14 Brandon Thompson (D/F) D
11 Connor Thomson (F) F (Captain)
5 Cody Tomasi F
14 Alec Vandelaar (D) Defence
6 Nate Vandermeulin D
4 Andrew Vella (F) Forward
AP Jim White (D) Defense - AP
18 Justis York-Clark (D) Defense
10 Kyle Zavitz (F) F 5'7" 146 Right Senators n/a n/a


Name  POS Fav. Team Fav. Player Fav. Movie
Mike Charlebois Head Coach
Dave Austin Assistant Coach
Richard Tapp Assistant Coach
Carlos Henriques Trainer
Paul Colbran Head Coach
Don Harris Coach
John Hunter Head Coach
Phil McIntyre Asst Coach
Mike Grubb Assistant Coach
Dave Paquet Assistant Coach
Al LaFleur Asst Coach
Josh Teeuwen Assistant Coach
Jim Blais Assistant Coach Boston Bruins
Don Graham Asst Coach
Todd Sullivan Trainer
Dave Wister Assistant Coach
Donna Goldhawk Team Manager
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  • Final Team Record: 7-9-7 (wins, losses, ties)
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Dylan Sauve (F)

2 G; 0 A; +0; 3 shots

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