Team Flat in 4-1 Loss

Posted March 1, 2016

Even great teams seem to eventually have a real stinker of a game. The A team can't yet be called a great team, though the potential for great things definitely seems there. But they definitely weren'tat their best on Sunday, losing 4-1 in a game they never really seemed to get into. Exhibit A is the 32 to 8 shot differential in favour of the Bandits C team.

The team looked off from the very start as what seemed to be a relatively 2 on 2 rush somehow became a 2 on 0 as both opposing skaters were allowed to pass through the defense untouched for the first goal. Kyle was left on his own devices repeatedly throughout this game, which has happened too often before. But in this game, the offense that normally bails the team out wasn't present either. The A team's only goal came late in the 3rd period when the score was already 4-0 and the outcome no longer in doubt.

This being said, despite the seeming lackadaisical effort, both Kasey and Dylan hit posts square on relatively early in the game; and maybe the team would have woken up had either of those goals gone in.

Luckily, the team gets a bit of a break to regroup, followed by an opportunity to bounce back against Oakridge in its last regular-season game on March 13th. And then there will be playoffs, when anything can happen.


1. Kyle (28 saves on 32 shots)

2. Spencer (1 G, 0 A, +0, 1 shot)

3. Mitch (0 G, 1 A, -1, 2 shots)

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Player of the game (Mar 27/16)

Dylan Sauve (F)

2 G; 0 A; +0; 3 shots

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