Schedule Cards

Schedule Cards

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250 Schedule or Roster Cards


500 Schedule or Roster Cards


1000 Schedule or Roster Cards


Just about every school has its sports schedule printed in some form. Our Schedule & Roster Cards are customized and printed for your individual needs and distributed when you want them to be distributed.

Additionally, with a little salesmanship, you can get a local business to purchase an advertisement on the back panel to help pay for your cards. Our experience is that most businesses will respond with $100 or more for the chance to have their ad on the back of 250 or more Schedule & Roster Cards that are going to be constantly referred to over several months.

Schedule and Roster Card Details include:

  • Cards are folded in half the size of a business card 4" by 3")
  • Printed on sturdy matte or glossy stock
  • Front Cover - we can include an action photo, or a graphic of your team's mascot along with your team name and logo
  • Inside - we will print your entire schedule across two pages and, at your option, include a roster, sizing the type to make it fit
  • Back Cover - we can print an advertisement from a team sponsor (the deal negotiating is up to you!) Alternatively, we can print anything else you would like such as phone numbers, school personnel, team roster or other information.