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Charting System - Hitting

The system is based on the fundamentals of following the count as it progresses from the first pitch through the last for every at-bat. It allows for visual tracking of the types of pitch seen in each at-bat during the course of a game according to the count they were thrown.

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Charting System - Pitching

The Pitching Chart System is our flagship product. The power of the system is it's flexibility. It is easy to use the system in as much detail as needed, or keep it simple and focus on certain key points.

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Charting System - Scouting

The Scouting Chart System provides a traditional format for scouting other teams. The system allows you to build a book on your opponents, noting their hitters and pitchers tendencies, and providing valuable defensive information for positioning your fielders, anticipating offensive moves, even timing baserunners and noting steals, bunts and hit & runs.

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